London Lorin is a fast-rising artist who burst onto the music scene in 2018. The Tuscaloosa, Alabama-based rapper has always had a natural affinity for music and lyricism; honing his craft over the years. Although he receives creative inspiration from a number of styles, London Lorin combines a variety of compositional elements to form his unique sound. To date, London Lorin has two albums and eight singles/EPs in his online discography. With over 3 millions streams collectively across all major platforms, there is no denying the fact that London Lorin has developed a dedicated following of loyal fans.

London’s experience covers all angles as well. Born in Oceanside California, relatively close to the notorious LA street life, London saw first glimpse in the misfortunes of growing up into poverty. When life got hard, London would often look to the streets for answers, he started “getting into trouble” and would be kicked out on several occasions. He spent a few months traveling the globe, living in and out the system along with different family members, before ultimately residing in Alabama. Following a year in private school where he studied the work of Shakespeare and completed a rigorous English and Fine Arts curriculum, a need for new direction and purpose caused an irreparable rift.

So, London moved out on his own.

With his new essence, London would often freestyle raps with a melodic twist. As word got out about his woozy flows and angelic melodies, London decided to express his oppressions in a studio. When London raps and sings, peers would often say the concrete of his voice emulates the pulse of any hood in America. Those stone-cold expressions ring out as warnings, epitaphs, and tributes to the streets. Thus a star was born.

London Lorin’s flawless hip-hop execution would undoubtedly turn many heads in the hip hop scene. London, emerged onto the scene blowing minds with his extraordinary skill set of melodious rapping, which he has finely integrated in all his releases to increase his popularity among listeners. The gifted performer cultivates a very unique style of hip-hop that immediately connects with the audience due to its authenticity.

To give the audience a new taste of hip-hop, the rapper recently released two of the most iconic albums “Ghetto Testimony” & “Ghetto Testimony 2,” which uses meticulous production to construct an atmospheric hip-hop setting. The transition from fast-paced bars to the melodic sound design of the 12 track albums has created an attention-worthy shift in the Trap genre’s direction. This initially draws the attention of the audiences and then keeps them hooked during the presentation. Fans witness London Lorin’s remarkable musicality, as well as swagger and optimism in his ability to rule the industry.

London, establishes a precedent for trap elements to fit well with hard-hitting songs, which isn’t often heard in today’s contemporary Rap era, with a pleasant and melodic chorus leading these track through some in-your-face dynamic hooks and bars.
Each song involves a touch of enthralling soundscape and superb production. He is also responsible for creating other great works such as the EP’s “Mud6a6y & 3 A.M,” alongside other hit singles and features. London Lorin has produced music that no one can ever resist by fusing the best of the trap genre in a stylish and dynamic way. Not only the sound design but also the backdrop, the soundscape, the bars, and the bass-line, all have added to the effect cast by this musical presentation.

With his unique hip-hop compositions, he has excelled to create a name for himself in the industry. The talented melodic trap artist has tastefully articulated through his optimistic songs a likable charismatic vibe with each creation. Despite being at an early stage in his career, the artist has already earned his place as a worldwide hip-hop influence who has cleverly hit the pinnacle of his rap game. With his addictive verses and vocal twist, his melodic voice soars to new heights with each song.

London, maintains witty control of the microphone when delivering his lyrics with great precision and clarity. All of his works stand out for their complex harmonies and vibrant soundscapes that push hip hop’s repetitive limits. His style is a melodic hip-hop narration that showcases the Alabama-based rapper’s extensive rap talent. His singing mixed with an entertaining rap rhythm catches the listener’s attention from various angles. It’s both delicate and bold, as well as energetic and concentrated. The rapper’s singing talent lends his soundtracks a distinct viewpoint dependent on a variety of artistic elements, and his innate musical aptitude enables him to navigate the sound with exceptional ease. London Lorin’s compelling vocal tone remains consistent. His vocal tone is smooth, and his zeal in performing his compositions is truly lasting.

“Music and I are one, I don’t think I can exist with out it.” Music is the voice of the world “says London Lorin,” and I’m hoping with all that I’ve been through, my voice can help change the world forever.

“Live in vision cause if you can see greatness you can be greatness.”



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